Told them I, I am the bye
The honest word of a lie
Said forsaken of the tongues
Screamed downward of the sky

That my soul is the lost praise
Born of agony and raving craze
And my steps, spirited with motions
Gloomed at corners of wakeful laze

Saints and Doctors declared me forsaken
From life to death my heart is taken
That my words are the unreachable sigh
And a sigh spelled of lips shaken

And though the sun glares every tree
With warmth and calmness strikes the sea
My life is a frosting path bearing
No heat warming hope to me

And though everything owns a name
One of glory and one of shame
Mine is murdered in ignorance
Out of birth and of fame

And shall my days live no highness
My nights and dawns die in silence
Alone in the coffin of solitude
Dead in whisper of rotten shyness

And shall the dreams announce me dead
On old chair or broken bed
Covered by the dust of suicide
Upon traces of colors red


ghost writer said...

try to understand...

dead in whisper of rotten shyness said...

Hello friend, vsit back you and following you...!!!

Bangjal Dua Tiga said...

Bro.. buku tamunya da dimana ya..

~~su manje~~~ said...

Maaf kang.....
kita di buku tamu abangjal aja yah...!!!

Thanks sudi mampir

Bangjal Dua Tiga said...

gak pa2 bro..
oiya ne posting tentang apa bro..
kok gw gak ngerti ya

HTC said...

Follow back ya sob.,,, ane tunggu kedatangannya di blog HTC

iMemovaz said...

$enggol-$enggol.. mo cari buku tamu gak ada. salam kenal jg :)

Borobudur Temple said...

life is a gift from god
try to understand and u will get full of it
don't let ur feelings consumed u
thinks of the shining sun
the blomming flowers
and the beautiful twinkling stars
isn't that beautiful?
lets cherish your life

Deden Eka PB said...

mane ni buku tamonye.. ???

donnychibonk said...

selamay malam sobat... salam juga dari Illusion Design Solution

Bangjal Dua Tiga said...

met malam uga bro

Bangjal Dua Tiga said...

gw dah follow sob