In a World where many have ulcers due to worry and stress
And where people are judged by material success
And since everyone answers to the reaper's call
The happy one is the most successful of all.
For the top job the happy one does not compete
And the happy one never feels sad in defeat
Not to be a hero or catch the big fish
Just to be happy in life is the happy one's wish.
The happy one can be a he or a she
But to find such a person do not look for me
Since like many others i feel weighed down by care
Though people like me they have never been rare.
The happy one everyone wishes to know
And the friends of the happy one in numbers grow
One who is not tainted by conceit or guile
And one who finds it easy to laugh and to smile.


tomatokering :) said...

sedap...sukak meaning di sebalik poem tu :)

sory sue manja..ceq punya dashbod takleh baca hupdate org.. :(

Kaymama said...

like the poem too.. kitalah yang seharusnya mencipta keceriaan & kebahagiaan kan.... :)

~~su manje~~~ said...

@ sis tomamto....thanks sudi tau sis support blog baru su nie...thanks sis

@ Kaymama thanks sudi singgah...begitu jua buat sis..thanks again from sumanje